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WiFi Web Login

Automatically logs you on to any WiFi hotspot, hotel WiFi, guest WiFi, or other open WiFi access point that has a web login.

Stop filling in the annoying web form to get Internet access! Record your Login steps ONCE and WiFi Web Login replays them in the BACKGROUND when required! Multiple APs supported.

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Shared Living Space

Free Online Shared Expense Tracking and Bill Management

This free site is dedicated to providing simple services for groups of people living together. Currently the site allows users to track shared expenses, manage bills, and keep a record of money owing.

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The Movie Game

The Ultimate Movie/Film Trivia Game.

Can you beat the movie trivia maze! Quiz Show Style Movie Trivia Game. Challenge yourself to see if your movie trivia knowledge truly reigns supreme, with real media content from your favourite movies and actors.

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Makes learning foreign vocabulary fast and easy

Through the use of Flashcards and a system of Spaced Repetition based on the "Leitner system", you will be able to learn foreign vocubulary faster than you ever thought posible.

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0800 Free Minutes

Make 0800 calls with your bundled minutes

Stop paying extra for 0800, 0808 and 0500 calls. This app allows you make these calls for FREE with your bundles minutes. Dial numbers as you would normally, and the app AUTOMATICALLY intercepts these calls and redirects through a geographic number (01/02/03).

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